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our mission is given the maximum



Automation and Robotics


Technical consultancy, design of mechanical automation and robotics, the experience and passion for what we do has led us to tackle various industrial sectors, giving us and our customers the opportunity to grow as people and professionals in the sector

Sectors in which we operate:

Food / Energy / Ecological / Metalworking / Automotive / Mechatronics / Pneumatics / Hydraulics / Amusement parks / Vending / Information technology / Automatic and / or robotic welding.





Our experience in the IT field has led us to see and find solutions where others thought it was impossible.

Sectors in which we operate:

Hardware and Software Assistance / Implementation LAN and WAN / VPN Services / Linux Server / Zyxel Firewall and Watchguard / VBA Development and Proprietary Languages / Web Services / Mail Services





We want to be our customer’s partner to give added value to our and your human and working value